You might as well get to know me

I like lots of things, I hate other things even more.

I’m 24, I live with my partner Amanda with our son Jasper, and I’m a grumpy old fart way before my time.

This blog will be used to sing the praises of people or things that I like. I will also use it to critique people, companies and anything that generally annoys me enough to warrant taking finger to mutual capacitence screen.

My first, and probably most prevalent gripe with humanity is illiteracy. Now I’m not one to condemn people to a lifetime of eternal flogging because their country doesn’t see fit to educate them, but in a westernised (yes it is spelt with an ‘s’ and not a ‘z’, here in Britain we don’t have to use near-phonetics to get the masses to spell correctly) society where education is free and generally to a good standard, I can’t bear lazy grammar and spelling.

You as the reader should probably know I don’t like laziness on the whole, but without the good manners to accurately construct a written text, considering the time it takes for a reader to decipher even well written prose, frankly one should hang up their quill and commence flinging their excrement, just like our literacy-challenged predecessors.

I do hope you enjoy my musings, if not, I don’t particularly blame you, more society on the whole.

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