Those reading this may be shocked to learn that not everything annoys me. Yes, as the law of averages dictates, it would seem I’m waning ever so slightly towards the grumpy end of the spectrum, however this just isn’t so.

Me and my partner Amanda have recently become first time parents, and so I thought it worthy of sharing something in my life that doesn’t make me hate humanity. Of course, nappies ensure a regular testing of my gag reflex, sleepless nights make me hallucinate through the working day and the piercing scream of a teething baby make me want to stuff the aforementioned nappies into my ears until I loose my hearing forever.

But he can smile, and it’s the most amazing smile I’ve ever clapped eyes on.


I find it incredible that I’ve know this small human being just three months, I’m still to have a conversation with him, he is the most demanding thing in my life above everything else combined (which includes a temperamental Chinese motorbike) and the love I have for him is unconditional and boundless. He makes me laugh simply by grinning, I have to fight the urge to force anecdotes about him upon every single person I ever meet and he has brought Amanda and I together like nothing else could.

Amanda is quite simply put, incredible. Her trade is nursery nurse, and so having an in house expert makes the role of parenting 100 times easier, but she seemingly goes above and beyond the call of duty. She’s a calm person with Jasper, which for a fiery red-head is a sheer miracle. Everything is taken in an elegant stride and she is the sun to our planetary family.

So the thing I love above all else is my small, slightly mad (three cats, a lizard and a dog included) family. They make everything worthwhile, and in times of adversity and strife; shine a warming and enlightening perspective on what’s important and what’s not.

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