God – A man with a beard

God above clouds wirh a halo

I have been brought up as a Christian. When asked of my religion I reply without thought as CofE, when in actuality I’m not a Christian. I suppose I’m still entirely undecided about how religion fits into my life, it’s something that still surrounds us all regardless of our own beliefs, I will have to make promises to God when our son is Christened next year, and a similar set of promises to him again when I get married.

As children, we are brought up to believe there’s an old worldly fellow sat up in the clouds, with angels knocking about and his faithful Man Friday (Peter) being bell-boy and checking in assistant at the great reception in the sky.

For a while, and I’m not entirely sure why, I considered religion to be a placebo of the masses; something which we’re all fed at some point and it makes us feel better even though we can’t quite decide why. It does however give us a list, a Decalogue of rules to live our lives by which, regardless of religious preference, seem to make plenty of sense. Don’t kill one other; don’t desire things which aren’t yours and of course the author of this list would like our worship to be monogamous to him.

I have nothing against religion per se, it’s just not for me at the moment, I have the people I worship, and I happen to live with them. If your god is an elephant, a bald guy with a round belly, a guy who likes to be worship based on geographical bearing, or a man with a beard, fair enough I say. None of these religions ask for violence or hatred, their focus is to make us into better people. There is the argument that terrorists’ actions are based on religion; no they’re not, in any walk of life you get extremists who do things motivated by mental deficiency and boredom with life. I must say though, I do find it quite amusing that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Islam actually all worship the same god – monotheism, so why then do we still feel the need to chuck spears at each other?

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