Today, the end of worlds

Vigonorette image of the numbers 12/12/12 written on paperOK, so today isn’t quite the end of worlds just yet, we’ve got nine days to go before that happens, but today is the 12 December 2012.

I just wanted to make a quick point; whilst all the conspiracy and prophecy websites and blogospheres are going nuts in their final preparations for doomsday, the world will continue to spin today as it has for 4,540,000,000 years, and I am willing to put it out into the internet ether that we’ll still be here in 10 days too.

Just because some grubby little urchin reckons we’re all doomed for a horrible and painful death, because we are of course such an evil race, doesn’t make it so. Rejoice people, for our little rock in space will continue spinning aimlessly for at least the next billion years or so.

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