A daunting task ahead…

Pencil on paper with text once upon a timeSo I think I’m going to write a book. It’s a fairly daunting task; amongst being a parent, a partner, work commitments, trying to cling on to the last slithers of a social life and writing this blog, I don’t have too much spare time these days.

I love writing, it’s what I do for a living, and this blog has kind of become an informal hobby. So why then would I want to take on yet more literary burden?

My friend Hannah commended me on this very blog just last night, and other friends have gone out their way to tell me they like it too, and so it’s one thing that I enjoy writing, it’s quite another that people like to read my musings.

The hardest part I now face is not picking a publisher, or finding time (that comes next); it’s to find a concept, what on earth do I write about? I haven’t yet asked for any audience participation, I find that cringe-worthy, but now my dear reader comes your turn, I wish to read your musings. Tell me what to write about!

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