I suspect I’m growing up…

Two spoons with Mr and Mrs written onLike most amateur bloggers I feel I’ve become a little cliched in that I’ve not updated my blog for some time, and of course realise that it’s essentially pointless if I don’t update the darned thing every so often.

Sigh, I used to be so disciplined with my posts, if not a little eclectic with topic. So, dear reader, I suppose I should really give you a little insight into what’s been happening recently…

I think I’m justified in saying I’ve finally become a full, proper, bona fide adult. I asked a girl to marry me and as sheer good luck would have it she said yes. Not any girl I assure you, the one my entire world now revolves and the one to give me the best present I could possibly ask for; Jasper.

Now we’re not much into public displays of affection; I imagine so far as the wedding goes, Mandy is dreading that she will inevitably have to prove to the world that we are indeed a couple. But the show must go on, and I hope with every might that it will.

I appreciate there’s nothing ground breaking here, nothing you can take to the bank, but at least I’m back writing again. We’ve started planning the big day, and I’m sure as the inevitable stress of a woman on a mission culminates I’ll have more to say on the matter. For now, wish me luck…

2 thoughts on “I suspect I’m growing up…

  1. OMG – I’ve had a wine, like you do, and thought “i’m sure I went to a wedding…but no! It was a Christening!! So, deep congrats and you two really are perfect for each other. Just don’t plan it for Jan 18th 2014 cos you’re both coming to a birthday bash!


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