Life. As it happens. Unfiltered

Facebook dislike iconI once watched a video about cats on Facebook. The damage was done. In one moment of utter boredom, Facebook has lumped me in with every other cat watching, feline brained, “n’aaaaw” repeating, 14 year old girl.

Facebook’s algorithm has decided what I shall see, and that’s that. It reminds me distinctly of my only visit to Egypt.

For years, I’ve enjoyed holidays where we go and do whatever we want. Day at the beach, no problem. A walk along the coast, sure thing – just follow the coastal path signs. But in Egypt when I went for a walk, I was told “no going past here, go back to the pool” by a man with a sub-machine gun. I didn’t argue.

Facebook may not have a sub-machine gun, but it equally restricts what I get to see. It’s for that reason I’ve deleted the app. Human nature, especially mine, means I like new experiences. I like different viewpoints, and I like to immerse myself in diverse literature and opinion. Just because I happened to once look at a cat does not mean that is the only thing I’m interested in.

A link straight to an unfiltered view of facebook

I am however delighted to report I found last night a very handy link. Click this, and you’ll get to see your own profile unfiltered. Stories as they happen, your friends’ news as it’s hot off the press in real time – just like the Facebook we all signed up for.