Just Write! – with a brand new tool…

Just as brickies have a favourite trowel, I have a favourite pen. It’s like this one. Many argue it’s unnecessary, but I take great pride in the physical act of writing, even despite my hand-writing being terrible. One of my friends is a great photographer. The amount of kit he has, and the thousands of pounds he’s spent getting to this stage are staggering. But my job only requires one tool, and it’s my pen (my computer comes from the company), so why shouldn’t I have a nice one.

As communicators, we spend an awfully long time writing. One of the best tips I ever heard was the advice to forget formatting. Get the words on the page. Just Write! My Geography teacher taught me that when I was 14, and while it took a few years for me to apply it, I use that advice even now.

I heard a very funny simile recently; lorry drivers don’t get lorry driver’s block, so what gives writers the right to claim writer’s block?

I’ve tried all kinds of word processors, writing tools, blog software, and cloud-writers. None of them ever hit the money, too faffy, or too complicated. Most trying to be all things to all men and women. I stumbled across writing Nirvana however, and have been using it exclusively since. I’m writing with it right now, although you’ll be reading it’s copy and pasted twin on my website. It’s the most wonderful software I’ve ever bought, and for the cost of a takeaway, it’s worth every penny. Have a shufty here. You definitely won’t regret it.